About KMA


KMA Health provides innovative solutions in a field of corporate wellness and benefits. Built for the new era of employee healthcare, we have all the tools that you need to maximize savings, minimize claims, and expand the benefits available to your employees.

We Create predictive models to target and reduce your costliest areas of healthcare, keep claims at bay by running preventative diagnostic screens,and do it all while saving more money than you spend. KMA is also pleased to announce new solutions that meet the needs of individuals that are currently not offered major medical.

KMA Health is the first complete solution to employee healthcare. It's a platform that both reduces your expenses and enhances your benefits offering. It's an analytic tool that helps you optimize your plans today while preparing for tomorrow.

KMA Advantage

  • Capitalized Cost
    KMA when implemented will promote a healthier lifestyle for employees with no reduction in take home pay and no employer capitalized cost.
  • Retention Improved
    Retention and Recruiting. KMA administered a clinical study that consisted of 3k employees and when taken (Health Risk Score Assessment) retention improved 44%.
  • Additional Benefits
    Guaranteed Life Insurance, Accident Indemnity, Critical Illness, Cancer, GAP, Direct Primary/Urgent Care (Options include Group and Individual) and Nutraceuticals.
  • Proven Partners
    Intel-GE Care InnovationsTM and the Validation Institute, US Health Center d.b.a. PredictiMedTM, and its PredictiMedTM Modeling Analytics Engine has been validated and issued a stamp of approval, Hooray Health, Reliance Standards Life Insurance and The Vitamin Patch.

How Can We Help?

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